Drug Testing and CBD

Some people medicating with CBD are subject to workplace drug testing to ensure they aren’t working under the influence of intoxicating drugs. Drugs like cocaine and heroin wash out of your system within 2-4 days, while cannabis is detectable 2-7 days after a single use and 1-2 months after chronic use, putting those who use medical cannabis at a disadvantage…

How to Make your own CBD Oil (cheap)

CBD oil/drops can come in several forms.  CBD isolate oil is the simplest. It contains CBD alone suspended in oil – often MCT oil made from coconuts. MCT stands for “medium chain triglycerides”. MCT oil is a clear flavorless and odorless liquid. CBD isolate oil gives you the benefits of CBD without any trace amounts of THC. This may be important if you have to pass workplace drug tests. CBD isolate is also a good way for marijuana enthusiasts to add some CBD to the mix.  This can “mellow” the THC high and decrease the paranoia.