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4 Benefits of Choosing Reputed CBD & THC Distributors Online

When it comes to CBD & THC distributors, there are many different ways to purchase each cannabinoid. You can buy it from dispensaries, head shops, and gas stations. However, not all of these sources are reputable. Many of them are scams looking to take advantage of uninformed consumers. To ensure you get high-quality CBD & THC products, buying from a reputed CBD & THC distributor online is best. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of doing so!

Why Choose an FDA-registered reputable CBD & THC Distributor?

1. You’ll get High-Quality CBD & THC Products

The best CBD & THC distributors online offer products that are high in quality and backed by third-party lab testing. It means you can be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for and that the CBD & THC is pure and potent.

Some factors that determine the quality of CBD & THC products are the extraction method used, the source of the hemp, and whether or not the products are full-spectrum or isolated.

Full-spectrum CBD & THC products contain all the natural compounds found in hemp plants, including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential oils. These compounds work together to produce what’s known as the entourage effect, which offers various health benefits.

2. You’ll have a Wide Variety of Cannabis Products to Choose From

Reputed CBD & THC distributors online offer a wide variety of products to choose from. It means finding the right product for your needs and budget. You’ll also be able to compare products and prices easily to make the best decision for your needs.

For example, you can buy CBD & THC in different forms like:

• CBD oils                            • Delta-8 THC & Delta-9 THC oils
• CBD edibles                      • Delta-8 THC & Delta-9 THC edibles
• CBD topicals                     • Delta-8 THC & Delta-9 THC topicals
• CBD capsules                    • Delta-8 THC & Delta-9 THC capsules

3. You’ll Be Able to Find CBD & THC for Every Budget

You can find CBD & THC products at various price points, depending on your budget. You can also find discounts and sales on certain websites.

Some sellers have loyalty programs for customers who frequently purchase from their store.

It is beneficial because it saves you money in the long run. It also allows you to find the perfect product for your needs without breaking the bank.

4. You’ll have access to Customer Support

A truly unique 24-hour free support hotline means that if you have any questions or concerns about the product, you’ll be able to get in touch with someone who can help.

You can also track your order easily online, so you’ll always know where it is and when it will arrive.

Final Note

The Cannabis Pharmacy is a great place to get your CBD & THC products from. They offer various tinctures, topicals, edibles, and more. We are licensed, insured, and FDA-registered if you’re looking for a reputable CBD & THC distributor. Visit our website today to learn more about what we can offer you!

The Quality of Delta 8 Product You Choose Does Matter!

Yes, the quality of Delta 8 product you choose is very important. Delta 8 is a CBD variant that takes all the great things you love about CBD and combines them with a lot of the aspects of mood enhancement and euphoria that you get with marijuana use. And the best part? It is legal in almost all 50 states for recreational use. But not all Delta 8 products are the same, nor are the forms you can take of them. If you are going to use Delta 8 vape pens, you need to understand what is and is not in the product that you choose!

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 or Delta THC comes from the Sativa plant, which comes in two varieties: hemp and marijuana. It has 100+ cannabinoids that are in the cannabis plant, but it is much more highly concentrated in the hemp plant. It is legally considered derived from hemp, which means it’s legal due to the Farm Bill Act. It was not until recently, however, that it has gained in popularity. Delta 8 provides the same properties as CBD, but it also has the added euphoric properties of THC that are supplied by marijuana.

What Forms Exist for Delta 8?

Delta 8 can be ingested in many forms such as gummies, tinctures, flowers, and vapes. Each form comes with different effects and advantages of use. For a faster onset of Delta 8 effects, vaping is one of the most expedited modes. Vaping is a way to get Delta 8 directly into the lungs, where it quickly enters the bloodstream. But not all vape pens are the same, and there have been some concerns in the scientific community about vaping in general. And Delta 8 is no different. What about Delta 8 vs Delta 9?

What to Look for When Choosing Delta 8 Vape Cartridges

Over the past several years there has been increasing concern about vaping being linked to lung injury. The problem is that the exact toxins are not clearly identified. One issue that many have with Delta 8 vape in South Carolina products, as well as around the nation, is that there isn’t always a clear definition of what “too much” is. It’s hard to know exactly which dose is appropriate. So, YES, the Quality of Delta 8 Product You Choose Does Matter!

Final Thoughts

If you have not heard about Delta 8 and how it might help increase your overall health and wellness, you might not have been paying attention. Delta 8 is a form of CBD that has the THC properties that aid in the psychoactive euphoria much in the same way as marijuana – with all the benefits and no side effects. Also, unlike marijuana, it is legal. If you want to try vaping, just make sure that you use a high-quality product like those sold at Cannabis Pharmacy.

We have all the latest manufacturers and products, and we demand a high level of excellence in every product we sell on our site. If you are going to vape, make sure to follow the directions as outlined and use as intended. Shop our products today!

Choosing the Right CBD for your Pet – 6 Things to Look For!

When it comes to your furry BFF, the sky’s the limit. You wouldn’t buy your loved ones subpar CBD that might have trace amounts of hazardous things like metals and toxins, and you shouldn’t buy it for your pet, either. It is important to find the highest-quality CBD so your pet reaps the most benefit from using it, while ensuring that you are getting the safest product in the industry to enhance your furry bestie’s quality of life. These are six reasons to choose one of The Cannabis Pharmacy’s products today!

6 Things to Look for when Choosing the Right CBD for your Pet

1) Don’t just pick any old CBD – Make an Informed Decision – Your Pet is Family

Navigating the CBD scene for your fur buddy can be tough. With the CBD market booming, there’s a mix of top-notch and not-so-great stuff. Not all CBD is created equal, and since the industry’s kinda like the Wild West right now, you’ve gotta be sharp. Some products could sneak in THC (not cool for your dog), or worse, harmful gunk like pesticides. Choosing the wrong one could mean trouble for your four-legged pal.

Knowing what’s what can help you snag the good stuff—CBD that’s safe, effective, and just right for your pet. Your pet is just as loved as the rest of your family, which is why finding them a quality CBD oil or chew is so important. CBDfx, Charlotte’s Web and pawCBD committed to providing the highest-quality CBD in the industry. The dog CBD products that The Cannabis Pharmacy carries are specially formulated by to ensure that you are giving them a product that works and that is safe!

Check out our selection of Pet CBD products!

2) Find one that Tastes Good

If you have ever tried to feed your dog something that they don’t like, good luck with that! Pets have a mind of their own and although you can lead them to CBD, you making them take it may be more difficult! Whether it is oil or chew products, you can rest assured that you won’t be fighting your pets every step of the way to take it. They’ll think it is so good that they’ll have no idea it is good for them!

3) Make Sure the CBD is Pet-Safe

Here’s the deal: not all CBD is pet-friendly. You have to look for products specifically formulated for pets. Human CBD? It might have extras like xylitol or essential oils that are no-gos for your dog. Always check for a clear “pet-safe” label and stick to brands that shout about their third-party testing. This isn’t just about being extra; it’s about ensuring what you’re giving your pet is legit safe. Bonus points if the product is backed by vet recommendations or animal studies. Your pet’s health isn’t a trial-and-error game.

When your pet is suffering from bone/joint pain or anxiety, any medication that you give to them will have side effects – and not all of them are positive ones. Pet CBD is not only safe; it has no side effects to use. There is also no risk of overdosing or dependency. Therefore, they get all the great benefits for pain relief and mood enhancements with nothing to harm them! Click here to read a Humane Society article about CBD for Pets!!!

4) Make Sure the CBD is a Superior Broad-Spectrum CBD

Alright, time to get specific: aim for superior broad-spectrum CBD. Why? It’s the goldilocks zone. This type gives your pet the chill vibes of CBD plus the benefits of other cannabinoids and terpenes, minus the THC (no high here, not good for pets). It’s all about the entourage effect—these compounds team up and amplify the wellness benefits!

But, here’s the kicker: quality matters. Make sure the CBD is top-shelf, with clear info on sourcing and extraction methods. No shady business. You want clean, effective, and all about your pet’s wellbeing.

A broad-spectrum CBD has all the cannabinoids to offer your dog the most benefit compared to those that don’t. A broad-spectrum product includes more parts of the plant, like cannabichromene and terpenes like pinene, limonene, and myrcene. Since each works in the body differently, choosing a product that is formulated with more compounds means you get more benefits.

5) Make Sure the CBD Dog Treat has been Third-Party Tested

There isn’t a whole lot of regulation in the CBD world, which is why many manufacturers are allowed to make claims that may or may not be true. The only way to certify the goodness of a product is through third-party testing from an ISO-certified lab. All of our CBD Pet Products from CBDfx, Charlotte’s Web & pawCBD are run through rigorous analysis to ensure that you are getting the best quality, 100% of the time.  Here at The Cannabis Pharmacy we go one step further than most, and include a copy of each products’ full lab test result on every product page.

6) Ensure The CBD has No Artificial Ingredients or Fillers

When you give your dog a supplement, it is so important to make sure it does not contain artificial ingredients or fillers. The pet products that The Cannabis Pharmacy carries contain no artificial ingredients or fillers, which means your pet is getting everything they need without anything that they don’t!

If you want to improve your fur bestie’s quality of life, CBD offers a wide array of health and wellness benefits for humans and dogs alike. But the quality of the product you choose does matter. Since your furry best friend is just as loved as any other member of your family, make sure to give them a product from The Cannabis Pharmacy. Check out our amazing selection of Pet Oils, Calming Treats, Hip & Joint Treats and Skin Health Treats here!


Check out these Real Life Testimonials from Dog Owners and Cat Owners!

We dont just talk the talk here at The Cannabis Pharmacy Network, we walk the walk!  Steve is one of our co-founders, and he and his wife have a whopping 4 dogs and 2 cats…all rescues!  From extreme anxiety to advanced dysplasia, every one of their pets has issues specific to their past and their breed.  And they are all huge fans of CBD Products!

Lots of pupps means lots of dog walks, so Steve never leaves home without some Uplift THC-A Pre-Roll “Dog Walkers” (0.5g Pre-Rolls)!

CBD Dogs LoveCBD Pets Enjoy

Dongo & Nymeria are Twin Shepherd/Lab mutts that Steve found starving in the woods of St. Stephen, SC during COVID.  With a ton of love and patience (and a LOT of CBD), “The Meatballs” have grown from heart-breakingly malnourished puppies into happy, healthy and adorable monsters!  Their favorite things to do are chasing each other around the back yard like wild beasts, and collapsing into a puddle of goo together on top of Mom & Dad.  With Mom working from home, Dongo & Nymeria beg to be outside as much as caninely possible.  Life on James Island has its fair share of inclement weather, which leaves their yard swampy sometimes.  As a result, their favorite products are the CBDfx Skin Health Hard Chews, and the CBDfx Skin Health Soft Chews!

CBD for CatsCbd for cats Cat CBD Treats

Remy & Fee were rescued from a cardboard box on the side of the road in Charleston, SC.  While their combined weight is several hundred pounds less than their canine siblings, make no mistake…these girls are in charge!!  Their favorite thing to do is sound like a dump truck driving through an explosives factory at 3am every morning, and their favorite product is the pawCBD 150mg CBD Oil for Cats!

Small Dog cbd treats CBD for small DogsDog CBD

Ohhhhh to be Prince Caspian! Caspian is named after a Phish Song, is a Papillon/Maltese mix and is the most spoiled beast in The Pack!  His favorite things are outdoor shows at The Charleston Pour House and chasing The Meatballs around the back yard.  Caspian used to prefer the CBDfx Calming Hard Chews when he was younger, but now that he is missing some teeth he prefers the CBDfx Calming Soft Chews!

CBD for dogs cbd for pets

Rosie aka “The Warden” is a Giant Schnauzer Mix and is the oldest member of The Pack at roughly 14 years old.  She was rescued from the Charleston Animal Society in 2020 and had such bad dysplasia she could barely walk.  It was made very clear that she would be getting adopted for “End of Life Care”, and was long past her days of playing and frolicking.  As it turns out, Rosie’s favorite things 4 years later in fact are playing and frolicking with The Meatballs!  She spends spends most of her days chomping on her CBDfx Hip & Joint Hard Chews and CBDfx Hip & Joint Soft Chews.  Talk about a new lease on life!

Best CBD for dogsBest CBD treats for dogsbest cbd treats for pets

Honorable Mention: Medo (May-doe) aka “The Muppet” aka “The Hobbit” – Medo had one of the most unique and amazing stories under the sun.  He was rescued from the streets of Belgrade, Serbia on Christmas Eve 2008, and appears to be straight out of Fraggle Rock!  Some sort of bizarre Schnauzer/Border Collie/Wire-haired Dachshund Mix, Medo was brilliant, cunning and lived to guard those he loved.  He served as Steve’s pillow almost every night for 15 years.  Medo never missed a hefty dose of his CBDfx CBD Dog Tincture (comes in 4 strengths), and his favorite things were playing fetch and snugglin.  He passed away in 2023…2.5 years after being diagnosed with liver cancer and given 6 months to live.  He was a true Protector of the Realm, and now his Watch is ended.  Here at The Cannabis Pharmacy we know that everyone’s dog is the best dog ever…but for real folks…Medo was the best dog ever 🙂