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The Best Uses for Cannabis Oil

What are the best uses for Cannabis Oil? A cannabis oil craze has started all over the world for good reason: it works to alleviate the symptoms of whatever ails you! But the quality of the product you buy does matter, so make sure that you insist on Charlotte’s Web cannabis oil. These are some of the best uses for it, and why it is important that you choose an industry leader.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is just what the name states: oil that is extracted from a cannabis plant. It contains more than 100 active ingredients. There are two main types of plants that cannabis oil comes from: cannabidiol, or CBD, and Delta 9, or THC. Cannabis oils contain CBD and THC, but they are well-controlled, which makes it easier for the dosages to be measured and calculated accordingly. It also means that you can eliminate THC, which is not legal in the State of South Carolina or many other areas around the US.

Why You Should Insist on Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Oil

When it comes to cannabis oil, the quality of the product you choose really does matter. Charlotte’s Web is a handcrafted CBD tincture that produces all of the beneficial phytocompounds associated with a full-spectrum plant. It supports both the mind and body in many critical ways. Charlotte’s Web CBD is made from both the leaves and the flowers of the hemp plant, and it works by tapping into brain receptors to aid everything from mood enhancement to chronic pain alleviation. The difference that Charlotte’s Web oil provides is that it is high in CBD and offers over 100 various cannabinoids.

charlotte's web cannabis oil
charlotte’s web cannabis oil

What Other Benefits Does It Hold?

Charlotte’s Web also offers compounds called flavonoids, which are a cluster of phytonutrients that work as cell messengers to promote healing and wellness. It also contains terpenes, which attach to receptors in the body to promote several health benefits without the risk of adverse side effects of dependency. When working together, Charlotte’s Web cannabis oil produces the “entourage effect,” which means that the substances join to give the most benefits possible.

Third-Party Tested for Quality

When it comes to cannabis oil, companies can make several claims, but the only ones you should believe are those that are third-party tested. Charlotte’s Web’s claims are all backed by independent lab analysis and verification, so you can rest assured knowing that you are getting not just a high-quality product without any harmful toxins or pesticide residue, but a highly effective one, too.

At the Cannabis Pharmacy, we offer only the highest-quality CBD products on the market. We handpick our manufacturers according to reputation and consistency. Our full line of Charlotte’s Web oils provides the health and wellness benefits you need for a better version of you. Check out all that we have to offer at Cannabis Pharmacy today!

Ease Your Sore Joints with CBD Edibles

Springtime is when our inner warriors typically come out to play. Since we are so busy Monday through Friday, those warriors typically only get to surface during the weekends – which makes for a very sore Monday morning. If you are finding that your muscles are taking a little longer to get into the swing of warm weather, then CBD edibles in South Carolina might be just the way to ease your sore joints and muscles!

CBD Edibles for Pain Relief

CBD has been proven to ease both acute and chronic pain. According to recent studies, as many as 62% of those who use CBD find relief from pain for things like strains, sprains, arthritis, and joint pain. And unlike other pain relievers and medications, CBD comes with few to no adverse side effects to use, and there is no risk of developing dependency. And it isn’t just edibles, if your joints are aching and your muscles are shaking, CBD lotions and creams might be an additional aid.

Ease Your Sore Joints with CBD Edibles

Which Forms of CBD Are Best for Pain?

You have many different options for the administration of CBD. From edibles to tinctures, it depends on personal preferences, what you are taking it for, the onset of its effects, and how long you want it to last that determine which form is best. In general, edibles might take a little longer than things like vape pens to take effect, but once they do, they tend to last longer and provide more consistent coverage. When it comes to arthritis, joint, and muscle pain, lotions and creams will help to provide immediate relief. The best part is that you can use them together in tandem to get the most relief possible.

What Other Benefits Do You Get from CBD Edibles in South Carolina?

Another benefit that people often report with taking CBD edibles is a better night’s rest. Since sleep is when the body rejuvenates and heals, the more sleep you get after a long and active weekend, the better you will feel come Monday morning. CBD has also been shown to have a mood-enhancing effect, and when you combine that with the sunshine and warm weather, there is no stopping you. Additionally, if you tend to get a little anxious before hitting the playing field, CBD is a great way to reduce anxiety both pre- and post-competition!

As the warm weather makes its way south, most of us are getting an itch to get outdoors and enjoy springtime activities. After a long winter hiatus, however, most of us will feel the sting of using muscles that have lain dormant all those long months. To relieve the consequences of your weekend warrior activities, use a good mix of CBD edibles, lotions, and creams to make Monday less punishing. That way, the only pain you will feel is the fact you are cooped up again until the following weekend. Cannabis Pharmacy has an extensive line of CBD products to soothe whatever ails you. Check out our website today!

CBD Cream for Whatever Ails Ya!

When people talk about the many uses of CBD, they often talk about ingestible versions that work on everything from reducing anxiety to insomnia. But not many take advantage of CBD cream. Our CBDMD creams, lotions, and bath bombs are just what the doctor ordered to soothe aches and pains, find relaxation, and soak the day away! If you haven’t given them a try, now is an excellent time!

What is CBDMD Cream?

Few people know that CBD is not just great for internal ailments – it is also an excellent skincare product. The botanicals found in the CBDMD brand are 100% natural and third-party tested. Their line of products is a trusted innovator and leader in the CBD industry. Their botanical line of lotions, masks, and bath bombs work to keep your skin radiant and glowing, while reducing the fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging.

CBDMD Bath Bombs

CBDMD’s new line of bath bombs has all been formulated to target an ailment. They are meant to revive or relax, depending on which one you choose. All of the CBD bombs have a different scent. You can choose from lavender, eucalyptus, and frankincense to enhance your relaxation or rejuvenation. They are made with essential oils, Epsom salts, and CBD, so you get the very best for soaking your aching bones. And while they each have a different color palette, that color won’t stain your tub or your towels.

How Do You Use CBDMD Bath Bombs?

If you aren’t a fan of lotions and oils, then a bath bomb is the way to go. All you have to do is fill your tub and drop one in. It will begin to dissolve, filling the tub with everything you need to help your skin and relieve your tired, achy bones. If you have a hard time winding down at the end of the day, hop into a tub about 30 minutes before bedtime, and you will be amazed at how quickly you will fall fast asleep!

Why Choose CBDMD Creams?

Whether you choose a CBDMD bath bomb or a lotion, you can rest assured that you are choosing a high-quality product that is committed to competitive pricing and non-GMO hemp grown in the US. You also can relax knowing that their products do not contain THC, which is proven by their third-party lab testing.

Although people often associate CBD with things like gummies and tinctures, CBDMD lotions, creams, and bath bombs are a great way to heal whatever ails you. From skin care enhancement to relieving tired and aching bones, the CBDMD label is the one to choose! Check out all the CBDMD products that we sell at Cannabis Pharmacy and order yours today!

Are All CBD Products the Same? 5 Things That Set the Cannabis Pharmacy Apart

We hear the question a lot whether all CBD suppliers in South Carolina are the same, and our answer is, “Heck no!” Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see CBD products sold everywhere from the gas station to the grocery store. CBD has become very popular and it is now flooding the market for good reason. But as with any new trend, just because someone is selling it does not mean that they should. Before you simply buy any product at will, here are five things to consider and reasons you should choose the Cannabis Pharmacy for all of your CBD products!

Quality Control

CBD is made from hemp extraction, and hemp is a highly absorbent plant. Therefore, if the hemp is grown in soil that contains metals, insecticides, and other harmful toxins, there is a good chance that trace amounts will end up in the CBD product itself. At Cannabis Pharmacy, we sell only quality hemp that is grown naturally. That way, we can reduce the risk that you will be ingesting something unwittingly that could adversely affect your health!

Third-Party Testing

Unfortunately, CBD is not a highly regulated industry, so a lot of manufacturers get away with making claims about the quality and efficacy of their products. At Cannabis Pharmacy, we sell products that have third-party testing for quality and consistency. You should never purchase a CBD product if you can’t find a third-party analysis that backs up what the manufacturer claims. Consistency is the key to getting the most benefit from CBD use.

A Comprehensive List of Products

Once you find a supplier in South Carolina that you trust, it is best to stick with them, which is why you want to find a supplier with a comprehensive list of everything from tinctures to gummies. At Cannabis Pharmacy, we offer a variety of products to treat whatever ails you – and we also have products to treat your fur baby as well! When you shop with us, we’ve got you covered.

Works Closely With the Medical Community

The reason that our company is called “Cannabis Pharmacy” is because we closely align ourselves with the medical field. In doing so, we can keep abreast of new products in the industry and what experts are recommending. We are constantly looking for new uses and benefits for CBD, and keeping up-to-date keeps us in the know!

Offers Delta-8 Products

If you haven’t heard of Delta-8, it is something that you should definitely look into. Delta-8 is a CBD product that mimics many of the effects of cannabis, including the euphoria that you get from THC – but it is legal! We offer Delta-8 in many different forms, so try one today!

Although you can buy pretty much anywhere CBD anywhere, that does not mean that you should. The quality of the product you take does matter in the results you achieve, and it is also important for your overall health! When you shop at the Cannabis Pharmacy, you can rest assured that you are getting the very best, no matter which product you choose to buy! Shop our online store today!

Calm Your Anxiety With Delta-8

Whether it is a consequence of COVID or just a recent human condition, more people than ever are reporting symptoms of anxiety and admitting that it is affecting their daily lives. There are many pharmaceuticals that target the symptoms and ease them, but every pharmaceutical has side effects, not all of which are pleasant. Currently, statistics show that over 30% of Americans are affected by anxiety, which is a huge portion of adults in the United States. CBD has been shown to aid some anxiety sufferers. Is it an alternative to traditional therapies for you?

Is CBD the Answer to Your Anxiety Symptoms?

Everyone responds differently to CBD, so whether it will work for you or not can only be discovered through trial and error. The good news is, unlike traditional medications, the adverse side effects are mild and rare, so there is no real “harm” in giving CBD a try. It is important, however, to discuss taking CBD with your physician, especially if you are currently taking other medications. For more information on CBD or to shop for Delta-8 gummies in South Carolina, check out the Cannabis Pharmacy today.

Are Delta-8 Gummies Legal?

Before we discuss whether CBD can help ease your anxiety, it is important to understand why CBD is legal. Due to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is legal across the nation. There are stipulations, though. Legal CBD products have to have less than .3 percent THC. If it has a higher concentration, then it is legal marijuana, which is illegal in many states.

What Are CBD Delta-8 Gummies?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is a derivative of the Sativa plant. The Sativa plant contains over 540 different chemical compounds, one of which is THC. Cannabinoids work by binding to brain receptors. They are indicated to hold anti-inflammatory properties by blocking enzymes known to trigger inflammation. CBS has also been linked to alleviating seizures. According to research, there is evidence that CBD works to reduce the effects of generalized anxiety, post-traumatic, panic, obsessive-compulsive, and social anxiety disorders. There are also some studies that show that it might help with cancer-related issues, mental health conditions, and neurological disorders.

How Do You Use CBD Delta-8 Gummies?

There are many different ways that you can take CBD, including oils, sublingual sprays, capsules, vaporized oils, cannabis flowers, and edibles. The way you ingest it impacts its effects within the body. When taken orally in oils, capsules, or edibles, it takes approximately thirty minutes to two hours to take effect. Vaping and smoking tend to have a more immediate effect. Depending on whether you are experiencing an anxiety episode or you are looking for more long-term coverage, the type of CBD you use is relative to your symptoms.

Side Effects and Risks of Taking Delta-8 Gummies

Like any pharmaceutical agent, there are always side effects of usage. The reported side effects of CBD use appear to be mild and include weight changes, a decreased appetite, drowsiness, and diarrhea.

5 Reasons Your Pet Needs Paw CBD Chews

CBD has quickly become a supplement that millions of people around the globe have introduced into their daily routine. CBD has been indicated for the relief of chronic pain, depression, and mood disorders in humans. It has also been suggested that CBD can help pets who suffer from anxiety, aches and pains, and can enhance their overall quality of life. If you are looking for a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals to help your pet, then Paw CBD might be the answer. These are just five of the many reasons to give your dog Paw CBD chews. Read on to discover 5 Reasons Your Pet Needs Paw CBD Chews!

1. It Might Help Curb Your Pet’s Anxieties

It isn’t just humans that can suffer from anxiety; pets can succumb to it, too. Unfortunately, your pet can’t express to you how they feel. If you notice that your dog seems to be hypervigilant and highly excitable, then CBD might help to calm their nerves and give them peace of mind. CBD can ease anxiety in pets, and since it has no adverse side effects to use, giving it a try will not hurt!

2. Ease Chronic Pain

Pets can suffer from the same daily aches and pains that humans do. They can’t tell you what is bothering them, but often you can spot signs of soreness when you see decreased activity or if they are favoring one side over another. CBD can ease the pain of soreness in pets, and you don’t need a prescription or have to worry about any side effects.

3. Hip Dysplasia Pain

Some dog breeds are predisposed to hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a condition of the hip that makes jumping and sometimes even walking painful. CBD has been indicated to help both acute and chronic pain, so whether they have been formally diagnosed with hip dysplasia or not, it will likely help decrease their suffering.

4. Inflammatory Relief

A lot of attention has been paid to inflammation and how it leads to risks for chronic illness and disease in humans, and the same is true for pets. The hardest part about treating your pet’s condition is that you often don’t even know that there is a problem at all. The best way to reduce the risk that your pet might be suffering from inflammation is to just use preventative methods to make sure that they don’t. CBD is an excellent supplement for your pet.

5. Reduce Seizures

Some dog breeds are more susceptible to seizure disorders than others. Often, there is no discernible condition causing seizures, which means that the only treatment is to target the symptoms themselves. CBD has been indicated to reduce seizures in pets and humans. If you have had a hard time getting your pet’s seizures under control, CBD might be a great alternative to traditional methodologies.

CBD has quickly become a daily routine for people around the globe. There is evidence to suggest that it has several health benefits for pets too. If you are looking to improve your pet’s quality of life, reduce their chronic pain, or ease their nerves, Paw CBD chews are an excellent product to use. And they taste great, so getting your pet to eat them will not be a problem. Check out all the Paw CBD products we have for sale at Cannabis Pharmacy today!

What THCP Is and Where to Buy It!

If you feel like every week there is some new research being revealed or a new product coming to market in the CBD world, you are not imagining it. People are starting to realize all the benefits they can gain from CBD. And it is also being experimented with to find the form and concentration that is best for specific issues and health advantages. The newest kid on the CBD block is called THCP. If you have not yet heard of the newest product powerhouse cannabinoid, you soon will. So, what is THCP and where do you buy it?

What is THCP?

THCP is an acronym that is short for “tetrahydrocannabiphorol”, which is naturally present in cannabis. THCP is considered to be about 33x more active than its counterpart CB1 receptors, which means that it has the properties of euphoria that are missing from other CBD products on the market that are currently legal. The legality of THCP is sticky at best and conflicts directly with federal mandates regarding cannabis.

Although it’s listed as an illegal substance by definition, there is a good chance that it might be deemed legal due to the 2018 Farm Bill. Many in the scientific world, however, hold fast to it still being classified as an illegal substance due to the Federal Analogue Act (FAA). The discovery of THCP and its release is causing quite a storm of controversy – so much so that a debate is raging about what to do with it and what its legal parameters are.

How Was THCP Discovered?

THCP first appeared in 2019 in the Scientific Reports journal as an innovative substance. It was actually discovered by accident by a team of Italian researchers who were experimenting on something completely unrelated. What they found was that THCP is as much as 33x more effective than regular THC when binding to CB1 receptors in the brain. Additionally, THCP was nearly identical to THC, but it had a glitch, which might be the defining source of debate. In a nutshell, THCP contains seven carbon atoms, which makes it twice as binding as regular THC.

What Can It Do For You?

One of the most pressing questions is what does it do and what can it do for the average consumer? When it was originally studied by a team of researchers, it had the physiological effects of hypermobility and pain relief. They also suggested that it might be a great aid for those with insomnia. Also, it gives users a euphoric “high” that is missing with CBD products on the market.

Is THCP Legal?

Just like the recently released Delta 8, there is a lot of legal gray area when it comes to THCP. Because it is an analog of THC and not the original substance, it might be protected by the 2018 Farm Act, as long as the THC content falls below 0.3% THC. But only time will tell what legal stance scholars and scientists take.

Where to Buy THCP

For now, THCP is technically legal until it is not around the United States, just like Delta 8 and CBD. Therefore, you can purchase it at retail stores or order it online at stores like the Cannabis Pharmacy. Before you choose to give it a try, make sure that you know the quality of the product you are choosing, the manufacturer, and the brand. As with anything that you ingest, you want to make sure that it is safe and natural and causes no harm. Check out all the THCP products that we carry today!

Delta 8 THC Dosage – How Much is Enough Versus Too Much?

One of the fastest-growing CBD products in the United States is called Delta 8. Although it’s seemingly popping up out of nowhere, it will soon pop up at a retail shop near you. The problems with Delta 8 for consumers are numerous. Not only are there questions about its legality; knowing what the various categories mean, like “hybrid” and what the proper dosage is, can stump even medical professionals. So what is hybrid 1000mg, and is it enough – or perhaps too much – for the average CBD user?

Delta 8 THC Dosage Tips

What is the Best Dosage and Kind of Delta 8 Cartridge?

There is no one clear dosage of Delta 8 cartridge that is right for every user. Things like how long you’ve been using it, your body weight, and even your gender all impact how you metabolize and process it. There are some general guidelines, however, that might help you start slowly and build to a point where enough is enough, without it being too much.

Is Delta 8 Dosing the Same as Other Forms of CBD?

Many people assume that dosing for Delta 8 is in line with standard CBD, but it is not. There is currently no evidence to suggest that Delta 8 is toxic, even in extremely high dosages, but Delta 8 THC is considered “active”, which differs from CBD or other cannabinoids on the market.

An “active” label means that it can change your perception of incoming sensory information. This differs from CBD, which is an entirely non-psychoactive product. In general terms, Delta 8 THC is transmitted via a different mechanism than CBD, which is why it has a different effect on the brain. Chief among the differences is that it provides a euphoria that CBD does not.

Can You Overdose on Delta 8?

Many wonder if you can overdose on Delta 8 THC. You might experience dizziness and confusion, but there is no indication that you can overdose on it. When compared to Delta 9, estimates are that Delta 8 produces about 50-70% fewer side effects than Delta 9, with fewer users reporting paranoia, a racing heart, and anxiety.

Understanding Dosing Delta 8

The amount of Delta 8 that you need depends on two things, the potency of the Delta 8’s THC per milligram and the total strength of the product. Some manufacturers will offer hybrid 1000mg, while others will offer 1200mg. Before you choose which one is right for you, make sure that you pay close attention to the labeling on the bottle. General consensus says that you should always start lower and increase as needed.

What Does Hybrid 1000 Mean?

There are two different hemp and marijuana varieties, Sativa and Indica. Sativa products tend to give you a more uplifting and energizing feeling, while the Indica tends to produce a calming and sedative sensation. A hybrid between the two is often somewhere in between. 1000 mg is the potency of the product, and is something you should pay close attention to.

If you are considering trying Delta 8, you are not alone. Many who would never consider taking up marijuana are taking a second look at Delta 8 CBD as something that might help lift their spirits without the psychoactive effects of THC. At the Cannabis Pharmacy, we offer a broad range of Delta 8 products to choose from. Just pay careful attention to the potency and start small – too much is never a good thing. Buy your hybrid 1000mg Delta 8 today!

Disposable or Delta 8 Cartridges – Which is Better?

As we head into 2022, many will commit to cleaner and healthier living. If you have not heard of Delta 8, it may be something for you to investigate. There is a reason that it is quickly becoming popular for those looking for the benefits of CBD with the addition of THC-like advantages. But before you invest in a Delta 8 vape pen or disposable Delta 8 cartridges in South Carolina, it is a good idea to know the advantages that both offer the consumer!

Disposable or Delta 8 Cartridges: Vaping Versus Other Forms of Delta 8

When it comes to consuming Delta 8, vaping is an excellent way to feel the effects immediately. However, vaping comes with two different choices: do you invest in a pen and refill the cartridges, or do you opt to continually buy disposable Delta 8 pens? Delta 8 is a compound that is very similar to THC or Delta 9, but it is legal in all states. It is a hemp-derived product that is less potent than Delta 9 and comes with fewer adverse effects.


When it comes to convenience, nothing beats a disposable Delta 8 vape pen. It is a single-use option that you simply use until it is gone and then replace it. Not everyone wants to carry around a vape pen or worry about refilling it. For those who want to not worry about a huge investment or losing that investment, a disposable vape pen is an excellent convenient alternative.

Pre-Filled Dosage

Most Delta 8 disposables come with a pre-filled dosage listed right on the package. That means when you use them, you know exactly how much you are getting. When you buy a disposable vape pen, you need to pay close attention to the amount that it administers per use. Since everyone’s tolerance differs, it is a good way to know from the outset how much to take and how much is too much.

Cartridges for Long-Term Use are More Cost-Effective

For those who recognize the benefits of vaping Delta 8, investing in a vape pen might be preferred. It allows you to have your pen, but also to use whatever product you want. When you use a disposable, you are going to be guided by the brand and manufacturer, so it might take some time to find the type that you like. When you have a vape pen, you can try out new Delta 8 cartridges in South Carolina until you find the one that suits you best.

Dank Lite

When it comes to Delta 8, the brand you choose does matter. At the Cannabis Pharmacy, we sell only the highest quality brands like Dank Lite. It comes in a variety of flavors and various types from edibles to disposable vape pens. When you want the best, look for Dank Lite!

Delta 8 is an excellent product to promote health and wellness for 2022, but if you are wondering whether a disposable vape pen or one that takes Delta 8 cartridges is a better fit for your use, the only way to know for sure is to try both out and see which one works. At Cannabis Pharmacy, we have a wide selection of Delta 8 products from tincture to gummies. Order one that suits you today and have a healthier and happier 2022!

Resolve to Have a Healthier and Happier Pet This New Year With Paw Pet CBD

As we quickly approach the beginning of 2022, many people will resolve to make this the year they make positive changes in their health and wellness. Your pet could probably use the same New Year’s resolution, but they must rely on you to do it for them. If you want to help reduce your pet’s unease, calm their nervousness, and help them with chronic pain, then adding Paw CBD oil to their daily diet is an excellent idea. These are just four reasons to give it to your pet today!

It Helps Reduce Chronic Pain Symptoms

If you have a pet that is up there in years, they might have some aches and pains that you don’t know about. Unfortunately, your animal cannot share how they feel with you. But if they have conditions like hip dysplasia or arthritis, they might be needlessly suffering. Paw CBD is formulated to help reduce symptoms of pain and give your pet a better sense of well-being. The best part is that there are no adverse effects from use, so there is no reason to not at least give it a try.

It Helps with Anxiety and Nervousness

Pets can experience symptoms of anxiety, just like people do. If you notice that your dog reacts hyper-vigilantly to certain things or has a hard time calming down, then Paw CBD oil might just be the answer. Paw CBD has been indicated to help with a pet’s anxiety and the way that they handle stressors. Why let your pet suffer when they don’t have to?

Better Quality of Sleep

As important as sleep is for us, it is just as important for your animal. If they are experiencing pain, it might be keeping them awake. There is evidence that Paw CBD helps to reduce the effects of pain and helps promote healthy sleep. So by giving them Paw CBD, you are giving your pet all that they need to be healthier and happier.

Manage Stress

Although it might not be evident, your pet responds to stressors in their environment the same way that we do. If you have recently moved, had changes in the house, or your pet tends to be acting out, then Paw CBD might help to take some of the nervousness off to give them a better overall sense of calm and peace. Give them what everyone wants for the New Year – a peaceful life!

As we approach 2022, we will start to make New Year’s resolutions about how we are going to change for the better for a healthier version of us. Your pets are no different. They can’t resolve, but you can. This year, resolve to do all that you can to improve their health, make them less anxious, and fight against everyday stressors by adding Paw CBD to their daily routine. Check out all the other fantastic pet and human products Cannabis Pharmacy sells today!