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Are All CBD Products the Same? 5 Things That Set the Cannabis Pharmacy Apart

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April 26, 2022


We hear the question a lot whether all CBD suppliers in South Carolina are the same, and our answer is, “Heck no!” Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see CBD products sold everywhere from the gas station to the grocery store. CBD has become very popular and it is now flooding the market for good reason. But as with any new trend, just because someone is selling it does not mean that they should. Before you simply buy any product at will, here are five things to consider and reasons you should choose the Cannabis Pharmacy for all of your CBD products!

Quality Control

CBD is made from hemp extraction, and hemp is a highly absorbent plant. Therefore, if the hemp is grown in soil that contains metals, insecticides, and other harmful toxins, there is a good chance that trace amounts will end up in the CBD product itself. At Cannabis Pharmacy, we sell only quality hemp that is grown naturally. That way, we can reduce the risk that you will be ingesting something unwittingly that could adversely affect your health!

Third-Party Testing

Unfortunately, CBD is not a highly regulated industry, so a lot of manufacturers get away with making claims about the quality and efficacy of their products. At Cannabis Pharmacy, we sell products that have third-party testing for quality and consistency. You should never purchase a CBD product if you can’t find a third-party analysis that backs up what the manufacturer claims. Consistency is the key to getting the most benefit from CBD use.

A Comprehensive List of Products

Once you find a supplier in South Carolina that you trust, it is best to stick with them, which is why you want to find a supplier with a comprehensive list of everything from tinctures to gummies. At Cannabis Pharmacy, we offer a variety of products to treat whatever ails you – and we also have products to treat your fur baby as well! When you shop with us, we’ve got you covered.

Works Closely With the Medical Community

The reason that our company is called “Cannabis Pharmacy” is because we closely align ourselves with the medical field. In doing so, we can keep abreast of new products in the industry and what experts are recommending. We are constantly looking for new uses and benefits for CBD, and keeping up-to-date keeps us in the know!

Offers Delta-8 Products

If you haven’t heard of Delta-8, it is something that you should definitely look into. Delta-8 is a CBD product that mimics many of the effects of cannabis, including the euphoria that you get from THC – but it is legal! We offer Delta-8 in many different forms, so try one today!

Although you can buy pretty much anywhere CBD anywhere, that does not mean that you should. The quality of the product you take does matter in the results you achieve, and it is also important for your overall health! When you shop at the Cannabis Pharmacy, you can rest assured that you are getting the very best, no matter which product you choose to buy! Shop our online store today!

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