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Ease Your Sore Joints with CBD Edibles

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May 24, 2022


Springtime is when our inner warriors typically come out to play. Since we are so busy Monday through Friday, those warriors typically only get to surface during the weekends – which makes for a very sore Monday morning. If you are finding that your muscles are taking a little longer to get into the swing of warm weather, then CBD edibles in South Carolina might be just the way to ease your sore joints and muscles!

CBD Edibles for Pain Relief

CBD has been proven to ease both acute and chronic pain. According to recent studies, as many as 62% of those who use CBD find relief from pain for things like strains, sprains, arthritis, and joint pain. And unlike other pain relievers and medications, CBD comes with few to no adverse side effects to use, and there is no risk of developing dependency. And it isn’t just edibles, if your joints are aching and your muscles are shaking, CBD lotions and creams might be an additional aid.

Ease Your Sore Joints with CBD Edibles

Which Forms of CBD Are Best for Pain?

You have many different options for the administration of CBD. From edibles to tinctures, it depends on personal preferences, what you are taking it for, the onset of its effects, and how long you want it to last that determine which form is best. In general, edibles might take a little longer than things like vape pens to take effect, but once they do, they tend to last longer and provide more consistent coverage. When it comes to arthritis, joint, and muscle pain, lotions and creams will help to provide immediate relief. The best part is that you can use them together in tandem to get the most relief possible.

What Other Benefits Do You Get from CBD Edibles in South Carolina?

Another benefit that people often report with taking CBD edibles is a better night’s rest. Since sleep is when the body rejuvenates and heals, the more sleep you get after a long and active weekend, the better you will feel come Monday morning. CBD has also been shown to have a mood-enhancing effect, and when you combine that with the sunshine and warm weather, there is no stopping you. Additionally, if you tend to get a little anxious before hitting the playing field, CBD is a great way to reduce anxiety both pre- and post-competition!

As the warm weather makes its way south, most of us are getting an itch to get outdoors and enjoy springtime activities. After a long winter hiatus, however, most of us will feel the sting of using muscles that have lain dormant all those long months. To relieve the consequences of your weekend warrior activities, use a good mix of CBD edibles, lotions, and creams to make Monday less punishing. That way, the only pain you will feel is the fact you are cooped up again until the following weekend. Cannabis Pharmacy has an extensive line of CBD products to soothe whatever ails you. Check out our website today!

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