Arthritis Pain Relief CBD Roll-On – 1500mg


Fight Arthritis Pain with our Strongest Roll-on Yet!


Arthritis Pain Relief CBD Roll-On – 1500mg

WHAT IT IS: A powerful roll-on, developed with the help of arthritis sufferers, that provides penetrating relief from arthritis pain. With camphor, menthol, hemp, and a blend of six botanicals that have a deep tradition of use against arthritis, this roll-on is here to help!

-Rich with ingredients that battle arthritis pain
-Has camphor and menthol, two powerful pain relievers
-Hemp to help manage physical stressors
-Extracts of black cohosh root, chickweed, and comfrey leaf extract, which offer anti-inflammatory properties, may relieve rheumatoid arthritis, and help repair cellular damage.
-It has devil’s claw root extract, evening primrose flower extract, and horsetail grass extract which may reduce swelling, ease joint pain, and offer arthritis relief.