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Why Green Roads CBD Oil is a Must

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March 27, 2021


Green Roads CBD Oil

When it comes to CBD products, the quality of the manufacturer you choose determines how much benefit you gain from using it. Considerations like how the CBD is extracted, the purity of the hemp used, and whether it is a full-spectrum product or not, are all very critical things to consider when deciding. It doesn’t make much sense to use CBD if you are using a subpar product line, because you get what you pay for. And if you aren’t paying for high-quality, not only are you not going to benefit as much as you could, you could be unwittingly ingesting toxic ingredients that are not good for you. Here are just some of the reasons to buy Green Roads CBD oil at the Cannabis Pharmacy.

Award-Winning Compound

When researching which CBD product to use, looking at third-party analysis is a must. Not only will an independent lab give you accurate and impartial information; it will also verify things like the concentration of CBD and rule out the presence of THC. Green Roads is not only independently verified; they are an award-winning company. Voted the most innovative product for their coffee line, they were also voted the best CBD product in both 2018 and 2019 by Cannabis Business Awards.

American-Farmed Hemp

Hemp is a plant with a high soil absorption rate, which is why it is critical to know where the hemp was grown and under what conditions. Green Roads CBD is exclusively American-farmed with 100% organic soil. Unlike other manufacturers who don’t state where their hemp is grown, Green Roads is proud to verify that their product won’t run the risk of having pesticide and herbicide absorption or residue.

Pharmacist-Formulated Products, Manufactured In-House

Green Roads is one of the few CBD companies to use pharmacy compounding and has over 25 years of experience. As mentioned, some CBD companies don’t actually manufacture the CBD on-premises; they are a “white label” vendor. That means they just slap on their tag after the product is made. Green Roads CBD has full control over the quality, concentration, and verification of its product from start to finish.

Multi-Stage independent Lab Testing for Potency, Safety, and Quality

Green Roads believes in full transparency and verification. Because lab testing is essential for a consumer to get all the facts, they third-party test and verify all of their products at an independent outsourced lab. Every batch that they create is tested by an accredited lab with QR codes available for the consumer to see the results. Although testing is now mandatory, Green Roads was doing it long before it was the norm.

The quality of the CBD you choose is critical to gaining the full advantages of using it. Green Roads believes in full transparency and using only the safest and purest verified ingredients in the industry. Their commitment to quality is why buying Green Roads CBD oil from the Cannabis Pharmacy is a must. Check out a list of all of our products today.

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