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What to Look for in Your Local CBD Pharmacy

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March 27, 2021


What to Look for in Your Local CBD Pharmacy

CBD is quickly gaining popularity due to the incredible amount of information coming to light about the many health benefits that it provides. CBD contains cannabinoids, which work with the natural receptors in the brain to promote wellness. But not all CBD is the same, so finding a quality product takes more than just Googling “CBD pharmacy near me.” Make sure you know the quality of the products your local CBD pharmacy sells before you head out blindly.

Extraction Method

The way that CBD oil and products are extracted has a significant effect on the benefits that you receive. Choose CBD products that are extracted using supercritical Co2. If it is extracted using another method, then there is likely going to be toxic residue left in the oil. Always avoid chemicals like pentane, hexane, butane, and propane, which are commonly used to extract low-grade CBD products.

Organically Grown

A key thing to look for in your CBD product is that it comes from organically grown hemp. Hemp absorbs nutrients from the soil, so whatever it is grown in can be found in the product itself. This means if you get a CBD product that is grown in pesticides, then you are likely going to end up ingesting whatever residue is left or what the plant has absorbed. Choose CBD grown in fields that are tested frequently to ensure the soil’s safety. It isn’t just about pesticides; you also want to be wary of things like heavy metals, fungus, bacteria, and solvent residue.

Don’t Go Cheap

The adage “you get what you pay for” is the truth when it comes to CBD products. If you think you are getting a deal, it is probably really no deal. High-quality CBD products take money to manufacture and get all the good things that you need to gain the most benefit. If you go for the cheaper products, you can be sure that corners were cut, which will ultimately affect the quality and what you gain from using it.

Check the Label

The label is your source to find out all that you can before you take CBD. The product label should have the amount of concentration that is in the CBD. To be effective, use oils that are anywhere from 250-1000 mg per 10ml. If you take anything less, then it won’t have the maximum effect possible.

Third-Party Analysis

Any product can make claims, but unless they have a third-party analysis done, then those claims are pretty much useless. If a manufacturer believes in the goodness of what they produce, then they will want to have it verified by a lab that is independently owned and not partial. If you can’t find reports about how a product is tested, then it is best to try to find another one.


A full-spectrum product is considered higher quality than one that is not. You need all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to get the most benefit from taking CBD products. Full-spectrum means that the product was made using the “whole plant.” A whole-plant CBD option has the full spectrum of all the things you need for health benefits.

CBD offers a vast number of health benefits for people who suffer from everything from anxiety and depression to chronic pain. But to get the most benefit from shopping locally, don’t simply Google “pharmacy cbd near me.” Dig a little further to find a local pharmacy that has the highest-quality products available, like Cannabis Pharmacy. Stop in today and see the many products that we have to offer.

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