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Not All Delta 8 Products are the Same – Rules for Buying the Best!

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September 23, 2021


If you haven’t yet heard of Delta 8…honestly, where have you been? Just a few short years ago, CBD was the new kid on the block capturing the star position, but now Delta 8 has made quite the splash in the health and wellness world. 37 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, and only 18 have made it legal for recreational use. So for millions of people around the US, THC (the ingredient that is responsible for euphoria) is completely unavailable. The Farm Bill makes hemp products legal, so technically Delta 8 is legal in 50 states, but what is it, and what should you look for in a product if you want to reap the benefits of it?

Not All Delta 8 Products are the Same: Rules to Follow When Choosing the Best Delta 8 Gummies in South Carolina

Buy Only at Licensed Stores

Due to the popularity of CBD and Delta 8, it is being mass-produced in large quantities and without any restrictions or controls. If you see Delta 8 at the convenience store or gas station, it is best to forego it. When you buy from a store that needs to be licensed, the products have to pass specific standards and requirements. State regulators have little to no control over random Delta 8 sales, so if you see a licensed brand being sold in a place that doesn’t have the license to sell it, it is probably a fake.

Beware of Head Shops

Head shops are a great convenience for things like rolling papers and other accessories, but for Delta 8, there are no regulations on selling. So when you purchase from head stores, you have zero confidence that the product is real or that it is free from things like toxins, pesticides, and additives that aren’t on-label. That is not to say that every product sold in a head shop is fake, but it does mean there is just no way to know.

Pass on Fake Imposters and Brands

Vaping products that aren’t safe can be hazardous to your health. Don’t fall for fake products that are meant to look like real licensed brands. There are so many other options to buy Delta 8 gummies in South Carolina that are more reputable – why take the chance to save a little money or for the sake of convenience?

Check the COA or QR code

Never purchase a product that doesn’t have a QR code, or a brand that is not clearly labeled. If there is something wrong and the product needs to be recalled, there is no way to know if you have been exposed. If a product is fake, the QR code will be missing or the code might lead to nowhere. The QR, for all intents and purposes, is your proof that a brand is legitimate. And the QR code should lead you directly to lab results and more information about the product itself. A third-party lab will verify things like the potency, any trace contaminants found, and whether the THC is within legal limits.

Buy Directly From Manufacturer Online

If you live in a state where you can’t purchase from a cannabis store, buying online might be your best bet to find a real and reputable Delta 8 product. Buying online from a reputable dealer will verify the quality and purity of the product you buy. A legitimate brand will be happy to share their third-party lab results, because those results verify safety and that the product meets the requirements.

Stay Away From Sites That Use Cash Apps for Payment

One of the biggest indicators of the validity of the Delta 8 you buy is how the online retailer accepts payment. Avoid online retailers who only take cash apps or Venmo. In some instances, that is a good indication that they might not have the right licenses to deal with legitimate payment processors.

Look for sites that take major credit cards. Some payment processors are reluctant to work with any Delta 8 products because they don’t want to get involved due to risk. So before you order, see what types of payments they accept. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever go with a site that accepts cash apps; it just should not be the only way that you can purchase your products.

Delta 8 has hit the market with fervor, which has many people flocking to give it a try. But don’t simply hit the head shop or pick some up at the gas station. There are not many risks to using Delta 8, but that is only for pure Delta 8 products. If you buy one that includes things like pesticides or other harmful toxins, you can be at risk. At the Cannabis Pharmacy, we only offer the highest-quality products that are verified by third-party testing and meet all the requirements to be legal. Check out our Delta 8 gummies in South Carolina and order yours today!

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